Friday, June 3, 2016


I try not to stray away from the Back Forty too often but sometimes there are events and happenings that have a great impact on me, e.g. # 6 and its Captain.

As you may have heard, a Blue Angel in the number 6 plane, crashed at a practice flight in Tennessee and Captain Jeff Kuss USMC perished in flames as he stayed with his plane to avoid crashing into residential areas.

Captain Kuss USMC was married and the father of two children.

Early last fall, the Blue Angels zoomed and looped and screeched  up and down a crowed Beach near Jacksonville, Florida.  They made some of their flights over the Back Forty.  We heard them and they were gone before we could spot them.  Apparently Captain Kuss USMC was the pilot on Number 6.

We are truly sorry for the loss of one of the finest.

The Blue Angels got their start at Craig's Field, a small airport in Jacksonville. They eventually moved to the Naval Air Station on the west side of Jacksonville.  They now make their home in Pensacola.

The first photo is borrowed. The Blue Angels in formation is my photo from the Naval Air Station a few years ago.

Rest in Peace 
Captain Kuss

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