Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Umbrella Tree Revisited

There has been much interest in the Umbrella Tree or Bush.  Maybe it is because of the somewhat unusual and intriguing name.  The Umbrella Tree is also known as Schefflera.

This plant is often seen in a doctor's office or a dentist's office.  You may have seen this large and glossy plant in office buildings.  It does fill out empty spaces providing attractive greenery.

The only reason I figure the name "umbrella" is the whorl of slender leaves, the cluster that is formed like an umbrella.

Some of the Scheffleras grow rather tall with thick and shiny clusters, umbrellas, while others have rather delicate leaves.

The Schefflera does well outside in the summer time.  It is pest resistant and it is also draught resistant.

The Schefflera is fast growing and if you don't like its shape:  cut it.  I use the cut greenery in simple flower arrangements and it may even take root.

To root the Schefflera and other woody plants, I would make a snip on the selected piece, still attached to the plant, wrap it in plastic that holds moist moss and carefully tie off the ends including the stem of the host plant.

Another method would be to take a "branch" near the ground when the plant is outside, lay it on the top of the soil and cover it up with more soil. It is still attached to the host plant.  Hopefully, it will root at some point.  Do you have any suggestions?

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