Friday, August 8, 2014

The Pond

Earlier this summer, my husband worked on PVC pipes and netting to protect the goldfish from becoming breakfast for the tenacious blue heron that has been with us ever since we built the pond.  The heron still comes and visits now and then.  Let me tell you:  he is one sneaky bird!

Sometimes, you might be able to hear the heron go crax crax at night while nesting or resting in treetops.

One time, my husband went out to feed the fish and what should he see? but the blue heron ever so
carefully backing out from under the net.

We had a rather low and flat PVC contraption across the pond and we had to try something else, something more attractive.  So he used the PVC pipes again.  They are rather pliable to work with as well as inexpensive.  Attractive?

We still are able to see the water lilies and the frogs are able to move around any way and anywhere.
Some of the vegetation need to be removed from time to time and it easy to tilt one of the corners.

We are also able to feed the goldfish; the fish food (flakes) fall easily through the net.  So far the goldfish have been safe from predators.

The blue heron is still visiting the pond area from time to time but we think that he has learned his lesson and that he is too smart to get tangled up in the net.

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