Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rocks of Ages

Rocks of all kinds, sizes, shapes, and colors are attractive to so many gardeners to have around the yard. Flower beds and tree areas are marked with rocks and even drive ways are marked with rocks.  We have carried rocks from Virginia to put around our small pond.  Territories and borders are marked with rocks, some large boulders in many cases, and most often hiking trails are marked with rocks.

A cairn is a man made pile of rocks made as a marker.  If you live in an area and find rocks in your garden, stack them up and make your own cairn or monument.  Rocks has been used for ages to make walkways and the imagination is endless.

I have collected a bunch of red granite rocks from the High Coast area in Sweden.  They have been shaped by the waves and water from the heaven and the sea.

When going though customs, I have often been asked if I had rocks in my luggage.  Of course, I did.  Some souvenirs are more precious than others and more natural, too.

These rocks, I keep inside.  I use them as part of a rustic decoration and a way of bringing outdoors inside.  

I was surprised to find  that they fitted so well and stayed stacked on top of each other.  Of course, they could easily be  knocked down.  I found out that some people used glue to keep the rocks in place.   

Let's take a moment to remember Robin Williams who brightened our lives and made us laugh.     

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