Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lemonade and Sparklers

The heat is on for the upcoming long weekend and a few refreshing drinks may be in order for us all.  The other day, we went to the Farmer's Market with our granddaughter and I gave her five dollars to figure out how many lemons she would get if she got five lemons for one dollar.  She solved the problem and we got home and made the following delicious lemonade.

First we made a simple syrup by dissolving one (1) cup of sugar and one (1) cup water.  We heated the water with the sugar and stirred until the sugar was melted.  We set aside the syrup to cool while we juiced the lemons.

We used eight (8) medium sized lemons to make one cup of juice. We cut the lemons in half and squeezed out as much juice as possible and we are saving the spent halves for other use much later.

Finally, we combined the juice and the syrup,  added four (4) cups of water, decorated with a sprig of rosemary, sweet basil, or mint, and poured over ice.

   How refreshing!

For a sparkler for adults, mix one (1) tsp of lime juice, two (2) tsp sugar, and 2 to 3 ounces (about 2 jiggers) of rum.  Add ice and stir, decorate with mint leaves, and top with club soda.  This makes one serving.

Enjoy the holiday and I don't have to tell you to drive carefully.

Be mindful about the weather.  Cover up and use sunscreens.

Be extraordinarily cautious with and around explosives and sparklers.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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