Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Bird House Project

Our granddaughter continues to keep us busy with her swimming lessons, library visits, and in between we are doing arts and crafts projects.  While she was looking for something to do, she found a bird house kit in the hall closet and putting it together involved all of us.

First step in building a bird house from a kit is checking that all the parts are in the kit.  My young builder laid the roof, the floor, the sides, the screws and hinges out on the table and matched them up with the list in the instructions.

Next step was to decide what colors to use for painting the bird house.  The first page of the instructions had a drawing of the bird house and it was easy for our young summer guest to color with pencils.  This gave her and us an idea of the finished project.

I had plenty of various acrylic colors in tubes and small bottles that I had tucked away in a box.
The granddaughter was able to match the colors rather well with her planned colors with the exception of orange.  She had to make a change order:  she switched from orange to a bright yellow.  Other than that, she used bright bold colors.

Acrylics are durable for outdoor use for such a small project.  Another advantage with acrylics is that a small amount goes a long way.  Furthermore, it dries rather quickly and best of all, the cleanup is easy.

Continue to have a great summer.

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