Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Preparing for Halloween

We don't plan to make any elaborate decorations for Halloween.  We have the large pumpkin plus a smaller one that we'll put out under a cedar tree in the front yard.  My husband promised to carve the little one and we'll put a flashlight in it.  It should be visible from the street.  The little ghosts and goblins, supermen and princesses, come at dusk so that the lit pumpkin will signal that treats will be given.  No tricks.

The first year that we lived here, there were no Halloween visitors.  I remember walking down the street to see if I could find any children, not even a ghost.  There are very few children on our street and they don't live down at our end.

I asked my son if ghosts and goblins did not go out to trick or treat any longer.  He said that kids got together at their schools and at churches for Fall Fests and Halloween parties.  He also said that in some communities there were "trunk parties."  Parents stuffed their kids in their cars;candy in their trunks, and met up at a designated area.

When carving the pumping, I will make sure to save the seeds for roasting and planting.  I also am in dire need of a new broom.  As you can see from the picture, I have a black coffee pot.  The tractor cat is missing--I doubt that she'll have anything to do with tomorrow's adventure.

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