Monday, October 7, 2013

An Electric Pole Saw

Ah!  Tree trimmers and their tools!  The other day, we received a flyer in the mail from a company selling tools and equipment for house and home, cars and trailer, and everything in between.  Page after page were filled with tantalizing tool sales.

"This is what we need!" exclaimed my husband.  "We need a pole saw," he proceeded to tell me.  "A what" I asked.  "A pole saw to cut down the overhanging tree limbs and branches over the garden," he explained.

We did indeed need an electric pole saw.  I had been swinging from a tree limb, holding it down, while my husband tried to cut it down with a puny bow saw.

Electric Pole Saw
The pole saw is electric and we were able to use the electrical extension cords we already had--no additional purchases necessary.

We did have oil that we used for the chain saw and we could use that for the chain on the pole saw that required oil.  We carefully followed the instructions in the manual when adding the oil and there is a gauge on the saw indication the level of oil when full or remaining.  It does have an automatic chain oiler.

The pole saw has a 7 amp motor and a reach of 8 feet and 10 inches.  It may be extended another 6 feet.

Assembly is required but the saw came with a special screwdriver for this purpose--the only tool needed.  The saw comes with explicit instructions for assembly, care, and safety.  A page in the manual is designated for the assembly and it did not take long for my husband to put it together.

It also depicts how to properly cut down a large limb to avoid pinching the saw blade.  Another page have a lay out of all the parts, label, and shows how it is put together.

The saw comes with a 90 day warranty and an additional warranty may be purchased at the tools center that is valid for two years.  "If anything breaks, bring it back, and we'll replace the saw," the clerk assured us.

We bought the pole for less than $100 and I am pleased with the purchase.  Do you have any idea how much it costs to have a professional tree cutter come and trim your trees?

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