Friday, August 16, 2013

Memories of Elvis

When I found out that Elvis was to perform at the Hampton Roads Coliseum, I insisted that my husband take me to that concert--an event I did not want to miss.  I don't remember the songs he sang but that powerful voice, the music, and the wiggle (be it only his little finger) brought about raw emotions and screaming fans.  This was in 1972, a long time ago, but I still remember Elvis.

I remember sitting by a woman who offered me the use of her binoculars to take a closer look at Elvis.  What did I see?  I saw a glimpse of his chest and scarf.  Did he have hair or not?  I don't know.  I might have swooned, if that is possible while sitting.  Furthermore, I don't know what it means to swoon.

Twenty eight years later, I visited his final resting place at Graceland Memorial Park.  His grave site was covered by real and artificial flowers, mostly roses, and a few teddy bears.  Rest in Peace, Elvis.

Elvis Aaron Presley
1935 - 1977

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