Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Green Tree Frogs

Every morning when we feed the fish, some of the frogs are disturbed and jump from the lily pads into the water. They make us jump too, but we manage to stay on dry ground.

The other day, I wrote about okra and that I was not too concerned about washing the vegetables from our garden because we seldom use pesticides.  However, we do have help with elimination of various bugs and larvae.  I noticed one little green tree frog tucked into the crevice of an okra leave and there was another one on the next leave.

The ones I saw had these distinct white stripes encased with black bands.  Otherwise the frogs were green and smooth with no other markings.  They move to other locations during the hottest time of the day but return to the same leaves in the late afternoon.

To find out how beneficial and helpful the green frogs really are in the garden, I checked with the University of Florida IFAS Extension.  I found out that they like beetles and its larvae, crickets, caterpillars, and the shield shaped stink bugs.  What is so amazing is that what the frogs like to eat is bigger than they are in some cases.

These little green frogs are small.  The ones in my okra leaves are about 1 - 2 inches long.  They are small, but they are noisy.  My granddaughter says that the frog call Spain!  Spain!  Spain.  They are probably calling their mats.  Take a listen!

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