Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings Time

I feel compelled to write a few words about this awkward event.  I don't know if I sprang forward or backwards this morning.  Most of the time I have a difficult time springing out of bed regardless if the sun is up an hour before or after me.  Some mornings, I get out of bed on the wrong side.

I was going to write that daylight savings time doesn't matter to be, but it does have its merits.  Of course, as time moves on so does the earth and outside gets brighter and brighter.  Now, I can get up earlier in the morning and walk to the beach and take pictures of a blazing sunrise.  I can also make a trip during spring break to see my granddaughter and travel longer at night while daylight.

The more I think about this daylight savings time, the more confused I get.  Let's see what is happening in the garden.  Did the vegetables notice?  Did they receive more sunshine?  Nah!  They are going to germinate and mature on their schedule.  What about the birds?  Do they start their twitter earlier or later in the day?

To add more to my confusion and lack of humor, my husband asserts "that he understands daylight savings time."  To explain, he says that "it's like taking a ruler and cutting off the last inch and then you take that inch and glue it onto the other end of the ruler."  Go figure!

There is one important thing to do when the time changes:  check the batteries in your fire alarm systems. If for some reasons, you are unable to afford the alarms, talk to the good people at the fire stations.  I understand that the alarms may be given to you and even installed.

The most obvious task to do today is to set your clocks.  Spring forward!

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