Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Curly Kale

Kale has become rather popular these last few years.  It is a versatile green powerhouse of a vegetable, loaded with vitamins C and K as well as many minerals.  The more it is picked, the more it grows.  It keeps very well in the garden during the cooler months but may be frozen for later use.

Curly Kale
The green curly kale gives some texture to the otherwise straight greenery in my garden and it also adds color and texture to a salad when torn or cut into small pieces.

Milo Sammas in "Dr. Earth:  Homegrown Food" writes that the "Antioxidant action of vitamin A and C help boost immune system, protect blood vessels, reduce inflammation and protect skin and lining of internal organs."

Here is an easy, delicious, and different recipe for a Kale Salad:

Remove the large veins in a bundle of kale and then blanch until wilted, cool under running cold tap water, let drain and set aside.

Cut, dice or cube an apple and peel, slice and dice an orange to combine with the kale

Vinaigrette:  In an attractive Mason jar, combine 3/4 cup of (canola) oil and 1/4 cup of (red wine) vinegar with a dash of sugar and 2 tbs of mustard.  Salt and pepper to taste.  

Make it your own vinaigrette by adding herbs of your choice and even a minced clove of garlic,

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