Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Corn is in the Meadow

I prepared the 10 x 10 ft. garden plot for the Silver Queen corn by tilling and removing weeds and other debris.  It came out to be room for five (5) rows of corn with plenty of room in between.  In each row or farrow, I added commercial compost, Ironite (trace elements), and common garden fertilizer and mixed them together.

The farrow is now covered with soil and I need to make a small trench to sow my seeds of corn.  The Silver Queen is my favorite white and sweet corn.

I dropped three (3) seeds together in the new trench, about 2 - 3 inches deep, and about a foot apart.  When I finished with the sowing, I covered the seeds and patted them down gently with a garden rake.

The corn was planted the 2nd of May and yesterday, I removed all but one plant in each group.  I let the tallest and best looking plant stand.  At this time, the corn has shallow and fragile roots so I hilled each plant up and tapped the soil down with my hands.

At this time, I also made small trenches on each side of the corn so that I could side dress the corn.  The side dressing ensures that fertilizer does not get on the plants to avoid "burns" on the plants, any plant.

I am amazed that each seed germinated or so it seemed.  It helped that I watered the corn in the meadow on a regular base.  In about 80 - 90 days after planting, I should enjoy my Silver Queens.

In between the rows of corn, I had initially put down a generous amount of hay to keep the weeds down and after now hilling up the corn, I moved some of the hay closer to keep the tender plants moist.

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