Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring has Sprung

It was the first day of spring or there about and it was time for a road trip.  My husband and I headed down Tampa way to see some good friends of ours that we had not seen in a long time.  Their home was so neat and clean and so color coordinated.  No dust and no trails of garden dirt.  It really inspired me to do some serious spring cleaning.

 I deep cleaned our "Summer Kitchen" and it was amazing to wipe off the pollen on the window sills and everywhere else.  I cleaned the table and the chairs, washed the dishes, and scrubbed down the cooking area; however, the fridge had conked out so we had to get another one.

Hey, that's too much work: hence the road trip.

When we returned home after an overnight stay, everything was blooming.  While I had been cleaning, we had some rain and sunshine.

Now, the sweet Oregon peas are blooming and so are the potatoes.  The latter really surprised me.  I had to replant most of them:  they wouldn't come up.  But now they have taken off and colored my garden green.

The azaleas are in full bloom although they started way early on the sunny side of Back Forty.

We have gotten past the pine tree and cedar tree pollen when the so called trash trees are blooming and covering the ground white.  Atchoo!

The small violas are blooming and there is a mat of blue in the back yard near the summer kitchen.

I am waiting for the bees or other pollinating insects to come along and have some of the

Thank goodness, the coming days are to be a little cooler and it is time for some serious weeding.

 There is no point in pruning until the blooms on the azaleas are gone.

It is however time to gt the shovel out and dig out the weeds in the lawn to give the grass a chance to start growing.

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