Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Saint Lucia 2015 Celebration

The legend that originated in Syracuse on the island of Cicily has it that Saint Lucia secretly brought food to persecuted Christians in Rome a long, long time ago.  She would wear a crown of candles in her hair to leave her hands free to carry the food items and distribute them.

Today in Sweden in particular; in Atlanta Georgia; in the Panhandle of Florida; and throughout the world, Saint Lucia lights up the halls and corridors in hospitals, jails, and churches spreading light and hope as well as coffee and cookies.  Saint Lucia is also celebrated in homes with the eldest daughter serving as the bearer of light surprising her parents with coffee and saffron buns served in bed in the early morning hours.

The annual celebration of Saint Lucia falls on the 13th of December, on one of the longest and darkest days of the year.

It is the Swedish custom for girls and boys to dress in full length white gowns and singing songs together.  There is only one Lucia in the procession with candles in her hair and red sash holding her white gown in place.   It is awesome to hear the children sing the Lucia song as they slowly enter a darkened room,

I hope that everyone will find their own light and hope this Holiday Season.

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