Thursday, June 12, 2014

Trimmers, Yard Tools

It seems that you can't have one without the other; I refer to a Cobolt's Hedge Trimmer and a Dual-Line Trimmer/Edger from the home improvement center.  Both of them come with quick charge inter changeable 40 v Max Lithium batteries and chargers.  They both come with 5-year hassle free tool guarantee.

Jimmy Johnson, the NASCAR super driver and spokes person for Cobolt and this home improvement center says that he "likes it fast."  Do you think that 60 minutes to charge a battery is fast?

The hedge trimmer weighs 7.3 lbs and I can handle it without problem when cutting a hedge that is not much taller than I am.  I do not like to put the trimmer above my head:  I might loose my balance. The trimmer does however cut off when you release the switch by the handle. The dual action blade is 24 inch long.

I soon learned to hold the trimmer a certain way to get the best cut and I was surprised that it was rather slow moving, but I suppose that was to my advantage.  I did like that it was battery driven so that I would not get tangled up in electrical cords.

The Dual-Line Trimmer/Edger may be flipped over for easy edging at your drive way for example.  I have yet to try this, but I seriously doubt it would cut the St. Augustine grass (few things do).  The Trimmer/Edger is fast and my husband was able to trim the borders around the Labyrinth in no time. He was also able to trim under the citrus trees.  These are two reasons to have a somewhat fast and reliable tool for trimming.

The trimmer/edger comes with a 0.065 inch Dual line String Spool.  The duality is that it cuts coming and going, if you know what I mean.

The Trimmer/Edger comes with an adjustable handle that you position to suit yourself.  Unfortunately, there is no place that the shaft or rod bends to make it easier for accommodating your height.

For the price, I think these are good tools a home owner needs and with fast chargeable 40 v inter changeable batteries, I am looking forward to using them myself.  Of course, when using these powerful tools, exercise caution.

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