Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cucumber Sandwiches

My husband is a tenacious gardener and he was determined to set out some cucumber plants which have a tendency to ramble.  He thought that if we cleared off the previous spot for the compost pile, the plants should get plenty of nutrition and grow well in such a fertile soil.  It was impossible to separate the plants so he put all six or nine plants in one place.  If they grow, fine; if not; he didn't lose much.

Time went by and the plants took off, rambled and bloomed, and when we came home from our recent family reunion, we found two (!) small but plump cucumbers close to the ground.  Wow!  That is more than we have ever had.  We did a wild cucumber dance.

Yesterday, I made cucumber sandwiches.  I peeled off the skin of one cucumber; it was a bit knobby, and sliced as thinly as I could leaving the seeds.  I spread Light Mayonnaise on whole wheat bread and covered two slices with the deliciously green cucumbers and put the top slices on and patted them down.  I held the sandwiches steady on the cutting board and with a serrated knife removed the crust.

I made tea for us and set the table with pretty linen, flowers, and candles.  I also put out some chocolate cookies and served a glass of sherry in some fancy glasses.

My husband and I were having a tea party in our summer kitchen. Needless to say:  we enjoyed the cucumber sandwiches.

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