Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Water Pump

The pump used to run the irrigation system on the Back Forty Garden and Park fizzled and died a few weeks ago and my husband and I struggled with wrenches and torques to loosen bolts and nuts to break away the casing that held the pump together.

After the pump casing was finally loose, we carried it in the car to our most valued, technical and mechanical handyman at the ACE Hardware store.  He shock his head and confirmed  that the pump was beyond repair.  We walked away from the store with a new cast iron pump and hoping that most, if not all, the existing PVC pipes would fit the new pump.  Of course, we needed new couplings, adeptors, and cement that required additional trips back to the hardware store.

The pump is a one horse power ACE Jet Pump for Shallow Wells and it must be primed before running, meaning that it should be filled with water.  This is easily done by adding the water to the PVC pipe connecting the pump to the "bladder," or pressure system tank, sitting on the top of the pump.  Once running, the pump is self-priming.

To test that there is sufficient water, run the pump, and cover the pipe with your hand or you will get splashed. If the pump is being replaced, the old tank may be used again.

It is also imperative that the valves for the inlet and outlet lines are open or the pump will be running dry. Failure to prime the pump and open the valves will result in damage to the pump.

Pumps for Shallow Wells

The pump is wired for 120 or 230 volts and, of course, it is important that the correct setting be selected.  For safety reason, turn off the electricity using the switch above the pump, usually on the outside wall.  Also, turn off the circuit breakers  in the breaker box usually located in the garage or the utility room.

There is more than adequate information in the manual for the tank and the thirteen (13) page manual for the pump that should be kept along with the receipts.  The manual for the new pump contain explicit drawings, lists of parts, and most importantly shows how to install the pump.  It also contains the information for safety that should be read carefully..

Everyone should be somewhat familiar with the workings of various equipment and machinery to run a household, including the garden and yard.  If my beloved husband should become incapacitated, I won't be so vulnerable to "professionals" who will be more than happy to help me at a price and even sell me a bill of goods that I don't need.

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